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Friday, April 15th, 2016

The project MobiliseSME is about realising the vision of an exchange program for the employees of MSMEs across Europe. We believe MSMEs are the backbone of the European economy and we think such program would be a great opportunity for economic growth, both for individual companies but also for Europe as a whole.

We also believe that the program could be a stepping stone in finding solutions to the many issue impacting enterprises in Europe. Beyond enhancing the accessibility of existing opportunities for growth, like the European Single Market, we believe the realisation of our vision can also help with many questions faced by all European entrepreneurs, ranging from employment to access to markets.

For this reason, we will cover in our news every week a topic relevant to MSMEs , first by looking at it on a more general ground and then showing how we think our project and its background vision can effect positively the issues raised by the topic discussed.

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2 responses to “News for MSMEs Every Week”

  1. EIEAD says:

    EIEAD is the European Institute for the EurAsian Dialogue, based in Bari (Italy). Focused on the dialogue between Europe and EurAsian region (Turkey, Iran etc.), in the fields of industrial co-operation, exchange of business models, cultural co-operation, geopolitics.
    In the various entrepreneurs’ missions we have organized (also for CONFAPI), we have linked with many Turkish associations of entrepreneurs (including MUSIAD).
    We shall then be happy to look at the weekly topic on MSMEs.
    Thanks and kind regards
    Leonardo Manzari

    • admin says:

      Dear Mr Manzari,
      Thank for your comment. We are glad you find our project interesting.
      As you work with entrepreneurs, I suggest you have a look at the matchmaking platform and share it with your companies, as they might find some very interesting opportunities for business abroad.
      Best regards,
      Lorenzo Marchese
      MobiliseSME Communication and Event Manager

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