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Eligibility criteria for participating in the test phase of MobiliseSME project

Please find below the conditions for participating in exchange in the framework of MobiliseSME:


The exchange agreed by the two companies and the employee must be intended only for learning purposes (no posting or filling-out manpower gap), which must be evidenced in an agreement signed between all three parties (employee, sending company, host company).


Participation in this project is open for micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) and their employees provided that these companies are established in a country eligible to participate in the EaSI programme-Progress of the European Commission (please see below). Companies must fulfil the criteria of SME as defined by the European Commission in its Recommendation (2003/361/EC) of 6 May 2003 (employing fewer than 250 people and have an annual turnover not exceeding EUR 50 million and/or an annual total balance sheet not exceeding EUR 43 million).

We also accept one-man enterprises (self-employed that are incorporated into a legal entity and have a VAT number) and the following liberal professions: lawyers, notaries, tax accountants, certified financial auditors, medical doctors, pharmacists, psychologists, architects, engineers. Applicants working in the field of liberal professions must be registered in their national professional bodies and be admitted to practice without restriction.

Large companies can only participate as host companies for employees of MSMEs; employees of large companies cannot benefit from the financial assistance.

All participating companies must comply with the requirement of legal establishment in a country eligible for participation in the EaSI programme-Progress and must have a VAT number.

Eligible countries:

  • EU countries
  • Candidate and potential candidate countries (Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo)
  • EEA countries and EFTA countries (Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway)


Employees who would like to participate must fulfil the following criteria of qualification:

  • Employee must have at least 5 years of professional work experience (altogether, i.e. counting in also the work experience with previous employers).


  • Employee must have at least 3 years of professional work experience (altogether, i.e. counting in also the work experience with previous employers) and a technical high school or a university degree.

For the project purposes, an employee is a person who works full-time under an employment contract of indeterminate duration. Please note that if the candidate for an exchange is a co-owner or owner of the company, he/she must prove being fully active and present in the company’s daily business activities, either in an executive or non-executive (management) position. In case of doubt, the fulfilment of such requirement shall be assessed on a case by case basis after taking into account the tasks and responsibilities of their position.


The test phase is open to all sectors. However, in touristic and agricultural sectors only employees in management position can participate.

Job agencies, HR consultancies and other professional intermediary services that deliver work power to third parties are not admitted. Posting of workers is explicitly excluded.


Only cross-border exchanges can be accepted, i.e. exchanges even if concerning different regions, departments or states within one country (e.g. in case of federal republics) cannot be accepted.

Companies can decide on a symmetrical or asymmetrical exchange. In symmetrical exchange, both companies agree to send and host an employee. On the contrary, an asymmetrical exchange refers to a situation when one company only sends its employee for a training to another company without receiving employee of the other company, and vice versa.

Duration of exchanges:

Exchanges must be arranged only for: 2 weeks, 1 month, 1.5month and 2 months. It is possible to split the exchange into several visits with the limitation that the number of visits does not exceed 4 and the minimum duration of one visit is 1 week, with a min. aggregate duration of 2 weeks.

Additional financial assistance limitation:

Each employee can receive only one funding and each sending company can have maximum 2 employees participating in an exchange and receiving funding in the framework of MobiliseSME project. There is no limitation for host companies.

Legal implications

Employees participating in the exchange must keep receiving salaries from their employers (the sending company) and cannot be on paid or unpaid leave, sick leave, maternal or parental leave. Furthermore, their employment contract cannot be suspended or temporarily interrupted and employees may not be in the notice period with their current employer.

The host company must ensure that the visit of the employee must be in compliance with their national labour and insurance law. The MobiliseSME partners do not take over any liability for legal issues.

In addition, please note that:

In order to request a financial support for the exchange as agreed by the parties, the employee will need to present the following documents, duly signed and dated:

  • Tripartite Agreement between the host company, the sending company and the employee.
  • Declaration of Honour (signed by the employee)
  • SME declaration (signed by the sending company)
  • A copy of his/her ID card
  • CV and the current employment contract (salary or other irrelevant but sensible information may be blacked out)

All templates are available on the platform and shall be provided by the National Contact Points of the employee and the sending company once being informed that the respective parties have agreed to perform the exchange.

As soon as the National Contact Point receives all documents and validates them, the employee and the National Contact Point will sign the Financial Support Agreement. The exact amount of financial support will be established on the duration of the exchange and the country in which the exchange will take place (please see below the Table of Financial Support).


The test phase of MobiliseSME project will run from November 2016 until September 2017. This means that all exchanges must be performed by the 15th September 2017.

We would like stress that employees who wish to participate are not entitled for a financial support and it is at the sole discretion of the project partners to decide whether the funding will be provided.

Nevertheless, we wish to finance as many exchanges as possible to test the scheme. In this regard, the allocated financial resources for exchanges will be distributed on first-come, first-served basis, while respecting the two following conditions:

  1. Availability
  • Once the budget allocated for exchanges is fully used, we cannot provide any more financial support.


  1. Fulfilment of all conditions and criteria
  • All conditions and criteria as described above must be fulfilled and proved when required, including the exchange objective that must be clearly defined in the Tripartite Agreement. We reserve the right to refuse any application that raise doubts about the real purpose of the agreed exchange.