L’Avenir de MobiliseSME

MobiliseSME is coming to an end. And now?

MobiliseSME has only been a pilot project for now... The question is what will happen with this experience in the future, for example with the new structural funds from 2021 onwards.

We want to hear your voice!

Please give us your opinion by answering the following questions, and don't forget to leave a comment!

Thank you very much!

Do you think the EU should establish a new "ERASMUS for SME and their employees" programme like MobiliseSME, financed with EU-Funds and always open? *
Are you the owner of an SME or do you work for an SME?*
Did you or your company participate to the MobiliseSME pilot exchange program?*
Would you like to support an "ERASMUS for SMEs and their employees" or MobiliseSME with a comment?*
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Mobilise SME is a great way to learn about the business culture and how things really work in another country. I do hope it will be continued. No tourist trip can give you the same kind of experience and perspective.
Triin Tammearu from Estonia
Interesting device to accompany the transfer of skills between two European companies.
GENATIO Didier from France
These initiatives are extremely importnat as there is amazing talent hidden in less developed parts of Europe, that needs to be exposed, nurtured and blossom.
Eleutherius Michaelides from Spain
SMEs require this programme in order to network and build working relationships with colleagues in other European countries. It is also a good platform for co-design of future projects as well as professional development. There is no other European programme that caters for professional development for SMEs in every industry.
Olusola McKenzie from United-Kingdom
Next steps from top of my mind: set up a legal entity with project partners interested to own and commercialise the exchange platform (check IP rules for after EU funding first). Find on upwork an experienced developer to fine-tune the matchmaking algorithm. Then apply for SME Instrument and at the same time pitch private investors (there are some angel funds in the Nordic countries specifically focussed on digital platforms) or apply for accelerators/incubators programs (again my suggestion would be to target nordic countries) to scale the proof of concept. The EU does not have to be involved anylonger and necessarily, get out there to the rpivate sector.
Marco Torregrossa from Finland
It´s a great opportunity both for the SMEs and the employees. Most SMEs lack experience on internationalization and working/net working across borders - even in the "inner market" - This way of exchanging resources and experiences is a great opportunity. I would like to see a program that makes a difference between the Small and the Medium SIzed businesses as its a great difference to be 10 or 100 in a company in regards of resources, experiences, management etc... Maybe with some coaching/mentoring added to the small businesses. I think also motivation is different in small businesses compared to medium sized. Both for the owners/entrepreneurs as well as for the employees. A great initiative that could be further developed.
Kenneth OE Sundin from Sweden
It is a very useful program. Unfortunately, the information about the program arrived late and it was for us impossible to organize an exchange, also due to the vacation time. I strongly support a continuation of the program - other similar possibilities are not given.
Gerald Ziegenbalg from Germany
The MobiliseSME project is a greate idea and we are happy that we are a part of the pilot. My Employees get a lot of new impressions about language and culture.
Carsten Vossel from Germany
It was great and I would like to go again! Thank you for this possibility! Orsolya Erdös Hungary
Orsolya Erdös from Hungary
The exchange of ideas and working methodologies helps to grow the SMEs and foster international trade.
Nadia Cavicchioli from Italy
I really liked the project but I could not participate this time due to health issues. I will be happy to participate as it is important for my profession to learn from colleagues abroad and to start corss border collaborations
Francesca Saracchi from Italy
Having participated in Mobilise SME I found it extremely useful while on the other hand I see its potential difficulties as well. I have long been waiting for a scholarship allowing me to share my professional experiences with European enterprises of a similar business scope and to see what others are doing/developing. As I consider my profession dealing with different aspects of e-learning a rather specific one, I could so far found none as most scholarships or exchange programmes have been offered on a thematic base, that is, for professionals dealing with adult education or ICT-technologies for example, but because e-learning is too interdisciplinary, I could never receive or participate in any, even though I always thought of e-learning as a field where sharing experiences and know-how would be essential. This is just one of my aspects: the other is that I have also wanted to try out my skills, abilities and professional knowledge in a foreign environment. With participating in Mobilise SME I could meet both expectations and I, personally, would definitely participate again if it was possible to benefit professionally, maybe in another country, visiting another enterprise. On the other hand, while trying to organise my visit I fould some difficulties and drew some conclusions from it. The advantages of sending an employee to a foreign enterprise who can thus gain more professional experiences and maybe language skills are quite obvious. On the host side, such a visit can also be prosperous if they lack the professional expertise the visiting employee has and would need it for a specific task. That was my case and my visit has thus been a definitely meaningful one on both sides, except for the fact that it was too short to accomplish the task I was given. If I had more time for the preparation, I would have tried to plan my visit more carefully, but I was not aware of how my host company would want me to contribute while I was planning. On the other hand I found it rather difficult to find a company to visit: none of the ones that registered in the matchmaking platform had my business focus and I realised that unless they are in the situation I explained above, that is, they can actually charge the visitor with a task, they will not necessarily want to participate. It would consume some of the working hours of a host employee to deal with a visitor in order to make his/her visit a meaningful one, or they might simply have fears that the visiting employee could get acquainted with procedures, know-hows, inventions that they do not necessarily want to share or give away. (I did try to contact a great number of European companies dealing with e-learning but did not even receive an answer.) Another question that might be worth considering is that the amount of the scholarship was not really motivating since it does not cover the living costs, therefore the visiting employee needs extra motivation to participate besides that. (Perhaps that was the real reason when calculating the amount.) There are clearly many questions and considerations when deciding the future of Mobilise SME and the reason while I wrote down my findings and experiences is to strengthen the side of those voting for continuation, maybe with some changes and developments, but I believe this program is definitely filling a gap and could be a very successful one and a nice path leading to better professional cooperation of the SME segment. And finally, thank you for the opportunity to participate, and write my experinces down!
Reka Fay from Hungary
A very good initiative that allows a two SME's to find together common paths and arrangements...to repeat !!!
Francesco Netti from Italy
As a business intermediary organisation which is at the same time coordinator of the Austrian Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Wirtschaftskammer Österreich was involved in mobilising interested SMEs for participation in the pilot phase. Unfortunately, the Deadlines were quite short which made it difficult to promote this promising initiative adequatly. In principle, feedback received from companies is very positive. A future programme would be warmly welcomed by the target group and should focus on enhancing cooperation between SMEs throughout the EU rather than education purposes. Therefore we suggest to link it with existing tools financed by the EU such as the Business Cooperation Database run by the EEN. Such a linkage would create a lot of synergies in the field of promotion of the programme among the target group and use of an existing IT-infrastructure.
Christoph Huter from Austria
We had a great opportunity to receive a German colleague with whom we exchanged experiences in the field of SME associations. We got a lot closer than we had before. Let the project go on!
Virge Haavasalu from Estonia
Even we didn't managed until the end to participate in this great opportunity offered by the Romanian partners I really believe it's a must to have this program in the future in Europe on a regular bases. We need to interconnect our diverse European diversity and ideas
Cristian Dascalu from Romania
I think it is a great opportunity for European employees
Alessia Festo from Italy
Great opportunity bot for companies and workers.Very important to support these initiatives.
Patrizia Mariotto from Italy
I am convinced that already, in its present form and with the strong commitment of its animation team, it is possible to achieve very encouraging results. However, if it also made it possible to establish a natural bridge with Erasmus of entrepreneurs, it would be very favorable to the optimization of voluntary human resources in order to obtain a lasting and significant leverage effect. Congratulations again to the whole team. Yours. Claude
M. Claude TRIGANO from France
It was a great experience firstly for me as Visiting Employee. Secondly I can use the things I have experienced for my Sending Company. Thank you for the opportunity. I recommend to everyone to take part in such an experience that MobiliseSME facilitates at least once. I would participate in this program annually.
Tas-Arpad Fazakas from Romania
Good chance for exchanging big (and great) experiences between small actors
Alfons CIVIT-i-MARTÍNEZ from Spain
Last year 2016 I practiced in the program Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. I was in Alicante, Spain. There I learned what are the things that would benefit my business, which information is valuable for me and how to find it. It was great! I found out the basics of searching and the process of working… which was not easy! It is all about doing the work! Even the work you do with pleasure is still work, and not play, or rest. And taking part of these program is a great way to learn. From my personal experience exchange programs are helpful. If I had the chance, I would take part in other programs for collaboration. I would like to work / collaborate / help people in the field of art and culture. In time I am sure I will find the way to take advantage of the experience obtained of working with people and helping them, and apply this to my own business.
Miroslava Zapryanova from Bulgaria
I am an employee of an SME which names Mert Ahşap Ltd. Company in Turkey. I would be delightful if could join this programme, but unfortunately it was too late when I realise it. I think it is absolutely helpful for all SME' s to improve qualified productivity and join the European Markets. I wish The European Commission decide to continue the programme. Sincerely, Fatma MUTLU s
Fatma Mutlu from Turkey
I would like to have more details on the intiative and the conditions for taking part in it.
David Fuschi from United-Kingdom
Mobility is everything, and opening this call would mean a great deal for sme-s that will benefit from shadowing by engaging their employees in other similar sme.
Mislava Zuppa Rašić from Croatia
There are many barriers that prevent SMEs from engaging in initiatives that would help them grow and flourish. We need a fresh approach, that is practical and easy for SMEs, particularly micros, to access and capitalise on. While at the same time safeguarding public funds. Any undertaking that seeks to do this has our support.
Graham Wood from United-Kingdom
It ' s a very good experience to reply. Absolutly... A+
Francesco Netti from Italy
It´s a great opportunity both for the SMEs and the employees and also is a great way to learn about the business culture, how things really work in another country and to get a lot of new impressions about language and culture. I strongly support a continuation of the program to become a European citizen.
Ester D' Amato from Italy
A scheme where new entrepreneurs can access knowledge, experiences and gain new skills from successful EU businesses would benefit many. I hope that ERASMUS is modified so that a clear and open mobility scheme for SMEs is established.
Patrick Galeski from Croatia
You will certainly require to promote the idea but it can have a real impact on Europe.
RT from Austria
This is an important programme as it allows for further connections between European economies, cultures, people and enterprises. If we intend to create an European space based on mutual knowledge, respect for diversity and economic development, programmes lije this are extremely necessary.
Paulo Colaço from Portugal
This programme should be continued. It is a very good chance for SME to learn and grow.
Ulrich Kiesl from Germany
I think that the ability to structure study visits between SMEs in the EU will help citizens meet, understand and appreciate different work ethics, something that will help reduce national stereotyping. Of cojurse, it will also foster partnerships, exchange of practices, professional development, etc, but the important thing is the above I think...
Yanis Papadopoulos from Greece
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RS from Netherlands