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Il progetto Mobilities for professionals and qualified employees of MSMEs (MobiliseSME) — finanziato dal Programma europeo per l’occupazione e l’innovazione sociale — PROGRESS, 2016-2017 — intende analizzare le opportunità di mobilità transfrontaliera dei dipendenti di micro, piccole e medie imprese (MPMI) all’interno dell’Unione europea e i vantaggi da essa derivanti. Scopo del progetto è valutare la fattibilità dell’idea e potenzialmente creare le premesse per uno schema europeo stabile: un piano di mobilità per dipendenti di MPMI analogo al programma Erasmus per gli studenti universitari.

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MobiliseSME video: Joining the Exchange...
A new MobiliseSME video is now available on the new exchange pilot scheme for SMEs  employees in Europe.  Are you an entrepreneur looking for new business opportunities abroad? Are you an employee who wants to learn new skills while having a unique experience? This video will tell you how easy and quick is to join in this new opportunity. You can find the matchmaking platform for the exchange here: NEW: The video is also available in French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Moreover there is...
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MobiliseSME Visits Trade Fairs to...
The MobiliseSME mobility scheme is now well established with many employees currently enjoying their new experience in hosting companies. However, we are not ceasing the efforts to promote...
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MobiliseSME Exchange Series: Consulting in...
This article is part of the series dedicated to the exchanges of employees between SMEs through the MobiliseSME program. This week we have interviewed Triin Tammearu, an Estonian...
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The MobiliseSME Matchmaking Platform is...
We are happy to announce the MobiliseSME Matchmaking platform is now active! You can now join MobiliseSME pilot scheme for the cross border exchange of SMEs employees! You...
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The project MobiliseSME is about realising the vision of an exchange program for the employees of MSMEs across Europe. We believe MSMEs are the backbone of the European...
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