Top 4 Causes of Youth Unemployment in the EU

Mittwoch, Mai 4th, 2016


According to the latest data, almost one in five young people in the EU is out of a job (20.0%). This is a very high figure, particularly if compared to the general unemployment EU average of 9.3%. Young people are struggling to find a job and this has a real long-term impact on their lives but also on the economy. They don’t have the means to become fully independent of their parents or guardians and don’t feel their value as a member of society. Their potential is wasted as they are not productive and depend on the resources of their families or of the State for their sustenance.

But why is their number so high? Here the top 4 reasons for youth unemployment in the EU:

  1. The lack of professional experience is a big obstacle that prevents young people from getting a job. Young people have an hard time getting professional experience that makes them assets for future employers. Current high education systems do not ,or seldom do,  provide ways to fill this gap.
  2. There is a growing mismatch between the skills that young people have and the positions that are offered on the job market. Employers often report that young applicants for vacancies lack required skills for the job, like technical skills or soft skills.
  3. Young people find the transition to work difficult. Many of them have no l career-support services during their studies and are not thought the skills on how to find a job, such as writing a CV or networking with possible employers.
  4. The costs of education are too high. Be it university or vocational courses, often education has a high price tagged attached to it. Most young people cannot afford it and hence don’t have access to trainings that would make them more suitable candidates for open positions.

These difficulties can be overcome. For example, SMEs  can do much to provide opportunities for young people and EU-funded project supporting them, like MobiliseSME, are a sure way to motivate them in doing so.


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