Welcome to MobiliseSME

Monday, April 11th, 2016

Welcome to the website of  Mobilities for professionals and qualified employees of MSMEs -the  MobiliseSME project. A project that will analyse the opportunities for cross border mobility of employees of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise in the EU and the related benefits.

The hope of the project is to assess the feasibility of the idea and potentially open the way for a larger European program:  a mobility plan for MSMEs’ employees like the Erasmus Program is for university’s students.

The project partners expect to deliver on this vision by working on three key parts of the project:

  • An online survey with 100.000 MSMEs contacted in 12 EU countries + Turkey. This a great chance for companies to make known what they really want and expect from this project, so that they can reap the benefits afterwards.
  • 2 focus groups will take place in each of these 13 countries, giving a space for entrepreneurs to state how they would see and expect from a cross border exchange program.
  • The trial of 1-2 months for a pilot scheme for cross border exchanges. This will be the moment when MSMEs can truly gain by having employees participating or by hosting somebody.

MobiliseSME is about a win-win-win approach, where the hosting and sending MSMEs as well as the participating employee are rewarded by being part of this project. MSMEs will raise competitiveness by improving cooperation and opening new business opportunities while employees will acquire new skills and knowledge through this international experience.


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