More EU Support for SMEs: Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and MobiliseSME

Friday, April 29th, 2016

SME Support

EU supports entrepreneurial spirit and small and medium size business with more than just funding. For example look at the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs or at our project, MobiliseSME.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) is a an EU-funded cross-border exchange programme which gives new entrepreneurs the opportunity to be in direct contact with and to learn from seasoned entrepreneurs running small businesses in other European countries. Aspiring entrepreneurs have the chance to stay and work in close contact with the more experienced counterparts. This helps them to learn, both by example and by experience, what is needed to open their own enterprise.

According to the latest data, the programme has helped more than 5.000 new European entrepreneurs to gather the experience to start their commercial activity, with the support of more than 3.000 hosting companies.

EYE is a great program to help new entrepreneurs and our project, MobiliseSME, wants to offer a similar chance to the employees of SMEs.

We want to see if a pilot scheme for an Erasmus-like exchange program for SMEs employees can be done in Europe. We are researching how this scheme could be set-up in the European and national legal frameworks and what SMEs would really expect from it to be motivated to participate. Our hypothesis is that this scheme can be done and will be welcomed by enterprises because it will help them to access new markets, fill in skill gaps in their workforce and connect with potential partners for business and projects.

Entrepreneurs can support our research by telling us what they want from our scheme. They can participate in our survey, coming out next week, and in the national Focus Groups.

We look forward to hear your suggestions and ideas to help us realise our vision.


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