SMEs Benefit from Multilingual Staff

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

Speaking more than one language is always an asset in life. It helps individuals to move to other countries from the one they are born in, to access new source of news and information and to be able to communicate with more people in the world. Multilingualism is such a benefit that the European Union is making an effort to push for the learning of foreign languages in all its Member States. This is done both directly, through language classes and training, but also by providing additional reasons for people to learn new languages, for example the possibility to join in a European program like Erasmus.

HELLO in eight different languages

The added value of knowing many language does not apply to individuals but also to businesses. Companies employing staff capable of communicating in a variety of different idioms gain a substantial competitive advantage no matter their sector. SMEs are no exception and, in the cases of specialised businesses, they can profit even more from a multilingual staff due to the combination of  specific technical knowledge paired with the ability to apply this knowledge in different countries.

Not all companies have the possibility to hire a multilingual staff but they can seize the occasion when the opportunity is provided to train their employees in new languages. One such opportunity is provided by MobiliseSME as the possibility to  send your employee abroad to another company for an exchange of a few months will likely come with training in the language of the hosting company.

If you find the idea alluring, fell free to let us know what you think through the MobiliseSME survey.


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