European SMEs Enthusiastic About an Exchange Scheme for Employees

Thursday, September 1st, 2016

Survey SuccessThe SMEs Confederation ‘European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME’, in the framework of the project MobiliseSME, ran a survey among SMEs in Europe in spring 2016 to monitor the interest of companies in a cross border mobility program for their employees and what key conditions they would like to see fulfilled in such program to motivate their participation.

The survey was compiled by 1,344 respondents from 25 European countries, including both entrepreneurs and employees, a statistically representative sample of the 23 million SMEs in Europe. Our experts have analysed the data of the survey throughout the summer and we will present the complete findings in a report that will be published during the MobiliseSME Stakeholder Conference on November 9th 2016 in Brussels.

However some key preliminary results are already available and they show that MobiliseSME’s plan to set up a pilot scheme for cross border mobility is welcomed by companies in Europe:

  • Over 85% of respondents said they would be interested in such an exchange program. Among them, 65% could envisage themselves as hosting employees from other companies and 59% would be willing to send an employee or being sent themselves abroad to another company.
  • The main motivation for participating is the expected reciprocal teaching and learning as a benefit for the two sides, the hosting and the sending companies. Staff of a company receiving a participating employee will learn from that person and the sent employee will benefit from learning in the hosting company.
  • Experience and the technical backgrounds of the employees joining the mobility scheme make a real difference both for hosts and senders, with around 55% of surveyed participants preferring to receive or send an experienced employee with technical skills.

Looking at these preliminary data, it is clear there is a real interest for the mobility scheme that will be set up by MobiliseSME. If you too would like to participate, stay tuned for more news as we will launch the online match making platform for companies wishing to join in the scheme in October. It will be possible to participate to a test exchange of maximum 2 months between November 2016 and March 2017. Extra costs will be covered by the MobiliseSME project.


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