Digitalisation of SMEs: Competences and Innovation Come Together

Friday, September 16th, 2016

digitalisationSMEs are key actors in providing innovation. As they count as the absolute majority of companies in Europe, the constantly struggle to provide new products and services to millions of customers. However, always staying at the edge of the market is not a simple process. It requires many factors to come together: ideas, competences, funding, a willingness to take chances and a good knowledge of what clients want. To gather all these elements together is not just a matter of financial means: it also requires participating in networks that can provide access to new skills sets and a common vision for the way society and the economy grow.

A good example where such process takes place is the digitalisation of SMEs in Europe, particularly in sector where such change has not fully taken place yet. The European Commission created ans supports the initiative  I4MS (ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs). This initiative is a recognition of the absolute importance of the IT sector in delivering innovation in all sectors and was designed to support SMEs in the manufacturing sector to fully take advantage of  the new technologies to revolutionise their business models, their products and ultimately the services they deliver. The network both explores, through call for applications, new solutions but also provides training in new competences through the sharing of best practises.

In the age of interconnectivity, innovation is delivered through collaboration. The participation in MobiliseSME is another way in which SMEs can work together and learn from each other. We will soon launch our new platform for the cross-border exchange program for the employees of SMEs , which will provide the real opportunity for firms to establish connections with each other and start the journey to become innovative market actors not in just in their country but in the whole of the continent.


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