MobiliseSME Matchmaking Platform: A First Look

Friday, September 23rd, 2016

The MobiliseSME project has until now focused its activities in investigating what European SMEs think about a possible new cross-border mobility scheme for their employees across the continent.  While the detailed findings of our research will be soon made available, the preliminary results show great enthusiasm for the idea. As companies in Europe have expressed hope and interest for the innovative idea of the project, we are now putting all our efforts in making the pilot scheme for the exchange program a reality a and in being certain we can provide the best service to SMEs that will participate.

For this reason, we are happy to announce that we will launch an online matchmaking platform that will allow companies to identify very easily what other companies are their best match for an exchange. After a brief registration process, this online platform will allow companies the possibility to post their specific needs for joining in a match and it will provide them access to a searchable database of existing requests for matches.

Moreover, the database will be displayed to each user according to the preferences they have already expressed when they have posted their requirements for a match. As a final touch, it will also be possible to register a match that has already been agreed upon outside the online platform to make sure that it can happen within the framework and the support provided by MobiliseSME.

Here a teaser of what you will see when you will login for the first time (as it is a work in progress, the graphic might change a little):




Be it that you want to send one of your employees to work in another company or you want to host an employee from another firm, the online matchmaking platform will allow you to find the best match in Europe  and to reap the greatest benefits from the exchange program for you and for your employees. We are looking forward to welcome you to it and to provide the best support for your experience with MobiliseSME.



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