A Preview of “Launch of the MobiliseSME Pilot Phase”

Friday, October 28th, 2016

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In two week MobiliseSME will hold the event where it will present the new Erasmus-like scheme for the cross-border exchange of the staff of SMEs across Europe. The event will be rich with interesting perspectives on the way this scheme benefits companies but also Europe’s economy and society. This is a sneak peek of the event to offer you a preview of what you will hear about at the event.

We  will start with a welcome from the hosting venue, the Representation of the Region of Emilia-Romagna to the European Union, which will be followed by Mr. Mario Ohoven, President of European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME and BVMW, insights on the perspective of European SMEs and on why an exchange program for employees can be the doorway to new training and learning opportunities that enrich the skill set of companies. The audience will then have the occasion  to hear from Mr. Jackie Morin, the Head of Unit of D.1 Free Movement of Workers, EURES of DG EMPL of the European Commission, who will offer a keynote speech.

The program will follow with the presentation of the scheme through a general introduction and an analysis of the results of the research conducted by MobiliseSME in its initial phase. Presenters will highlight the key elements of the scheme that have been chosen as a direct outcome of the analysis process, with a particular focus on the best and easiest ways companies can access and participate in it. A video will also be shown collecting the endorsements for the project of SMEs entrepreneurs and employees alike (you can find a teaser here) . The presentation will conclude with a Q&A session.

The final part of the event will be dedicated to a panel of stakeholders representing the worlds of industry, of social partners and of the institutions. We will hear an exchange of opinions among different involved parties on the added value of MobiliseSME’s scheme. Specifically we can already confirm the panel will include: Ms. Outi Niiranen – Policy officer D.1 Free Movement of Workers, EURES of DG EMPL; Mr. Patrick Gibbels – Secretary General of the European Small Business Alliance and Mr. Peter Simon – MEP SPD (D) / S&D, Vice Chair of the EP Committee on Industry, Research and Energy. Other participants will be confirmed in the coming weeks. For updates check regularly the the agenda of the event, always up-yo-date with new speakers, here.

We look forward to welcoming you to the conference. An Erasmus-like exchange now exists also for employees of SMEs! Come to the event and be the first to test it!



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