MobiliseSME Intermediate Research Report Is Here!

Friday, November 25th, 2016

reportWe are happy to announce the publication of the MobiliseSME Intermediate Report. The report contains the results of all the researches conducted by the project with the support of national experts and the participation of companies in many different European countries. Through these results, the project team was able to design a mobility pilot scheme for the cross border exchange of SMEs employees in Europe that would fit best the needs and desires of firms  but also encounter very few bureaucratic hurdles.

Would you like to know what European entrepreneurs would prioritise in a program of this kind? What is the perceived added value of an exchange to employees and companies alike? What are the few administrative steps that employees need to take to be bale to work in another European country for a couple of months?

You can find the answers to all these questions and more in the report here.

Moreover, thanks to our research activity, our mobility scheme is now a reality and you can easily join by registering on the MobiliseSME matchmaking platform: .

On the platform you will be able to find many other SMEs which have already registered and are interested in participating by hosting or sending an employee abroad  in partnership with other companies in different European countries.


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