New Report on European SMEs Shows They Are a Key Element for New Jobs

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

smes-reportThe European Commission has recently published the 2016 edition of the Annual Report on European SMEs, which is available for download here. The report offers a detailed analysis of the main factors that impacted the growth of SMEs in the European Union across 2015 and 2016. In these two years many factors helped SMEs to restart growing, with their total added value going up to 5.8% in 2015. This number translates in reality in many new companies being created year with a related boost in employment across Europe.

This is a particularly important point as it  restates once more the importance of SMEs in Europe: when the economic conditions favour their growth and their businesses flourish, there is a clear trickle down effect on the whole of society with new jobs becoming available. The report associates this growth with better economic conditions in the EU and raise in domestic demands.

However, while the report gives a pretty positive picture of SMEs activities, firms across Europe are still facing some issues. The statistical studies behind the report still highlight that SMEs are reporting that finding new customers and having access to skilled staff and experienced managers are their two most significant problems. To this it should be added that more than 50% of SMEs in Europe do not export services or products outside of their country of origin  and 37% has very low export activities.

This means that almost 88% of SMEs don’t make an efficient use of the European Single Market which would allow them to access new clients and, through becoming an affirmed business actor in other countries, to get the possibility to hire skilled staff from an expanded poll of candidates.

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