Top 4 Reasons to Participate in a MobiliseSME Employee Exchange

Friday, February 17th, 2017

Top 4With a new mobility pilot scheme for their employees, SMEs have access to a unique opportunity. The  scheme is designed to benefit participants in many different ways: with this simple yet unprecedented program, companies can open new horizons for themselves and for their employees. Here are the top four reasons why SMEs should participate in a MobiliseSME employee exchange:

  1. New Business Opportunities. If you will join in an exchange, you will automatically match with other relevant companies abroad with which they have a natural business compatibility. This can easily set the basis for a new business relation. This new cross-border business cooperation can also give you a real competitive edge on the domestic market, as it makes the best use of the freedom granted by the EU Single Market.
  2. Unique Training for Your Employees. Be it that you host a foreign employee or send abroad one of your own, the nature of the exchange will make sure the employees will benefit from a unique training opportunity. The mobility scheme is based on the idea of lifelong learning and travelling employees will go to either teach or learn some key aspects of their job. This is a chance for your staff to learn skills and techniques that might not even exist yet in the local market.
  3. Acquire a Foreign Market Specialist in Your Team at No Additional Cost. By sending abroad a member of their staff, you will give the chance to a staff member to become an expert in the relevant market of the visited country. This will make him or her  an even more valuable resource as, besides acting as a bridge with the hosting company, he or she will acquire specialised knowledge that could open many different kind of doors.
  4.  Improve the Language Skills of Your Staff. By either hosting or sending an employee, your personnel will connect with somebody speaking a foreign language and having the chance to improve their own foreign languages skill set. Fluency in foreign languages is an extremely valuable asset in a globalised world and participation in the mobility scheme will give your employees to chance to increase theirs while having a unique life experience.

Do you agree with these four reason? Than don’t lose your chance and register now on the MobiliseSME Matchmaking Platform to find a suitablep arnter for your exchange–


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