3 Ways in Which MobiliseSME Helps Companies and Citizens Make the Best of the EU’s Unique Nature

Friday, February 24th, 2017

MobiliseSME’s innovative pilot scheme for the cross border exchange of SMEs employees is not just a new tool for businesses to grow, but it is also an instrument that allows to tap into the potential of the European Union’s unique framework.

These are three ways in which participants in an exchange benefit by opportunities made available by the EU:3 Ways EU

  1. Using the EU Single Market. The EU Single Market is one of the world’s largest free trade areas. Companies can do business cross border without additional costs but are often hampered in to doing so by lack of knowledge of foreign markets. A MobiliseSME exchange can provide unique insights into other EU Member States’ national markets enabling companies to do business abroad with no additional costs.
  1. Learning New Skills by Living and Working Abroad. The chance to learn new skills or improve the known ones in an environment conducive to a learning experience is an extremely valuable opportunity. To do so while participating in an EU project that helps business and career development is once-in-a-lifetime chance. A MobiliseSME exchange makes that exact scenario a reality, with the added benefit of potentially improving participants’ language skills.
  1. Building International Networks. Nowadays, one of the key elements for success in business is to become global, being able to expend beyond the borders of national States. Companies often need to work together to expand internationally in projects that require market actors in different countries, each bringing different expertise. A MobiliseSME employee exchange helps develop such network through the relationship of trust that is created between host and guest companies.

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