3 Examples of How MobiliseSME Can Help Your SME Grow

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

3 Ways GrowthMobiliseSME offers SMEs in different European countries the chance to connect through an employee exchange. The idea behind the project is that cross-border cooperation can help SMEs to grow their business on their national market and beyond.

You may be wondering how this could work in practice. Here are three examples of how MobiliseSME can help companies to bolster their business:

  1. Develop New Products and Services. Product and service development and innovation is vital to stay ahead of the markets nowadays. By starting a partnership with another company via a MobiliseSME employee exchange, you can pool your expertise and technologies to develop new products and services. For example a service company can work together with an IT company to develop a new mobile app responding to new demands arising in their market.
  1. Increase Your Sales: If you are a manufacturer, an employee exchange with one of your retailers can boost your sales. Either by receiving one of their employees for training or by sending one of yours to give the training at their premises, you can ensure that the retailer knows well the product and its optimal use when pitching the product on the local market. As an example, a company producing electronic equipment can train retailers in another country by highlighting the most successful uses and pitches in the national market of origin.
  1. Find Collaborators and Providers. With a MobiliseSME exchange, you can establish and test possible future collaboration within your supply chain. You can see how the techniques and products of other countries can be integrated in your business plan, allowing you to cut costs and gain a competitive edge. Your future supplier, a partner company abroad, will get a hands-on experience in specific aspects of your manufacturing process which will reduce risks associated with the intermediate parts they produce. For example, an industrial machine company can do an exchange with a company specialising in manufacturing of steel components to test the supply chain collaboration in practice.

These are just some ideas of how you can profit from a MobiliseSME employee exchange. If you agree with our ideas or have some of your own, register now on the MobiliseSME Matchmaking Platform to find your exchange partner!


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