MobiliseSME Exchange Series: a Digital Commerce Exchange between Turkey and Belgium

Friday, March 10th, 2017

This article is the first of a series dedicated to the on-going exchanges of employees between SMEs through the MobiliseSME program. This week we cover the mobility of a Turkish employee who is being hosted by a company in Belgium.

Burak Ak MobiliseSME


Mr Ak with his colleagues at Teknoza’s offices.



The Antwerp-based company Teknoza is a digital agency that provides IT services with a particular expertise in “e-commerce”. When they heard about MobiliseSME they saw a chance to enrich their skillset by hosting the employee of another company who could provide further training in salesmanship and also offer new perspectives on the digital commerce market.

With the help of the Belgian and Turkish national contact points, Teknoza connected with the Turkish company Aklar Aydınlatma, an electronics and interior outfitting sales company which is planning to grow its market share in the digital commerce. This was a great match as the two companies could easily see how much they could learn from each other, making a win-win agreement for both.

Mr Burak Ak, a sales persons from Aklar Aydınlatma, came to work at Teknoza headquarters for a month from February 22nd until March 22nd. Mr Ak is training Teknoza’s staff in how to manage a sales portfolio of clients, ranging from marketing techniques to customer service. In exchange, he learns how sales practices can be best applied to the world of digital commerce. He will then apply the acquired knowledge back in Turkey, at his home company.

Both the hosting company and the visiting employee Mr Ak agree the exchange is working very well. Teknoza’s staff is particularly happy with the training, stating it provides particularly valuable insights due to the cultural and professional background of the trainer. Mr Ak has described the experience as “unique as advertised,” and added that “it is a great combination of a professional training and an Erasmus-like experience, visiting a different country and meeting a different culture“. He also said that the time he is spending in Belgium is helping him improve his language skills.

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