MobiliseSME Exchange Series: Consulting in the Fashion Industry between Estonia and the United Kingdom

Friday, March 17th, 2017

This article is part of the series dedicated to the exchanges of employees between SMEs through the MobiliseSME program. This week we have interviewed Triin Tammearu, an Estonian business consultant currently working on a fashion industry project who visited a British company in the sector.


Triin Tammearu, of Triin Tammearu Konsult OÜ, who participated in an exchange with Learn to Re-create Ltd.

Mrs Tammearu registered her company, Triin Tammearu Konsult OÜ, on the MobiliseSME Matchmaking Platform where she connected with Learn to Re-create Ltd., a British fashion education and production company set up as a social enterprise aiming to help people working in the industry to develop their skills. As social enterprise businesses are a well-established practice in the UK but not so much in Estonia, Mrs Tammearu saw a chance to learn about new business models via an exchange. She proposed it to Learn to Re-create Ltd. which eagerly agreed to the mobility as the two companies decided to work together to find a path for future collaborations.

Mrs Tammearu has now completed a week of exchange in the UK in March and will do a second week in May, for a total of two weeks. We asked her what her impressions of the experience were and this is what she told us.

Dear Triin, thank you for joining us and for participating in an exchange. Tell us, when you approached the project, what did you hope to get from an exchange?

When I decided to participate in a MobiliseSME exchange, I was hoping to widen my world-view, to have an experience outside my country and to learn from new perspectives.  I chose to do the exchange with Learn to Re-create Ltd. as its double focus on being both a fashion company and providing business consultancy in the sector was a perfect match for my company. I wanted to see how their organisation worked and how much we could learn from each other, coming down to small details like business organisation and office structure.

And did the exchange fulfil your expectations?

Absolutely, and it even superseded them. It just happened that the week of the exchange was packed with events, like aid-funded business seminars organised by the UK Department for International Trade and a venture capital networking meeting, all of which I attended together with the staff of Learn to Re-create. There was also a local networking event hosted in the office building of the host company, which meant I was introduced to many new business angles and even a few contacts for my own activity.

Do you see this experience leading to future collaborations between the two companies?

Of course it might. In addition, just the fact that I was able to visit the city of Sheffield and learn what business opportunities and what kind of commercial activities take place there revealed some unique perspectives. I would strongly encourage people to participate in an exchange to discover corners and cities less known, as these could provide great surprises for business opportunities. An exchange through MobiliseSME could be the start of a professional collaboration and even of a personal friendship.


If you also want to participate in the program, register now on the MobiliseSME Matchmaking Platform!


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