MobiliseSME Helps Boost Your Career with a Unique Training Opportunity

Friday, March 31st, 2017

Career BoostIn today’s world, professional skills are more essential than ever to progress in a career path. The world has never been so full of competition and any training opportunity can open new horizons and help professionals become a uniquely valuable asset for their employers. This can result in being able to take on more responsibilities, getting higher remuneration or receiving additional employee’s benefits.

The MobiliseSME employee exchange scheme is a unique chance for training that can be the stepping stone for professional growth. It is a good occasion for employees to sit around table with their employer and the partner company to negotiate the conditions and details of the exchange. This will show their employers a true commitment and an active role in shaping the company’s business development and thus contributing to its growth.

Moreover, the new skills acquired through the work experience abroad will ultimately increase the participants’ value on the labour market. Employees participating in an exchange will get the chance to enlarge their personal and professional network, regardless whether such employee is the one to receive training or to train the staff of the partner company. No matter the tasks, this experience will enable participants to acquire a strong expertise of a foreign market relevant to their employer’s activity, improve their language skills and learn from a new work environment, a different work methodology and even from cultural differences in problem solving.

Overall this scheme is a  great opportunity for employees to demonstrate their assets, potential, and the role that may play in their employer’s future business growth.

Sounds appealing? The registration to our MobiliseSME Matchmaking Platform is still open for new companies! This is the time for all employees to be active and bring their employers new business opportunities.


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