MobiliseSME Can Help You Develop Any Skills Set You Need

Friday, April 7th, 2017

TrainingThe MobiliseSME employee exchange scheme is a unique training opportunity for participants as it allows them to hone their abilities while living and working abroad for a limited period of time. Employees on an exchange often improve their language skills and learn how to adapt quickly to a new work environment and to different cultural norms.

However, these are skills which, while benefiting the participant, do not necessarily have a direct impact on their daily job. So what actual professional skills can be developed through a training in the framework of MobiliseSME exchange scheme?

The answer is simple. Any skill, ability or knowledge can be the result and objective of the training.  The specific goal of the training will change from exchange to exchange as, in each case, the two SMEs partnering for a mobility decide together on the content and purpose of the activities that the visiting employee will take part in.

There are infinite possibilities. It is completely in the hands of companies to decide what skill, ability or knowledge needs to be acquired. As some mobilities have already taken place, we have listed below a few real-life examples of such trainings within the framework of the MobiliseSME exchange scheme:

  • Deepening the familiarity with the process of online sales of electronics. This training was done by a senior salesman intending to see how he can operate in the digital market.
  • Learning how to adapt a design process of fashion accessories to the needs of a similar market in another country. This training was done by a consultant to develop a business relationship between the hosting and the sending company.
  • Learning about logistic issues and legislation of the food sector in the country of the hosting company. This training was done by a project specialist to see how companies in the food sector can build up an international cooperation.

These are only examples and the possibilities are limitless! Are you interested?  Be pro-active, convince your company to register on the MobiliseSME Matchmaking Platform and help in search for a suitable partner for an exchange that could move your career forward.  Turn your aspirations into reality!


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