Official EU Info Portal on Business Now Includes MobiliseSME

Friday, April 14th, 2017

Business PortalIf you have ever tried to grow your business in another European country, you have probably come across various EU channels when searching for information about legal, financial and administrative aspects of the cross-border trade. Very likely you consulted the official EU website YourEurope/Business This portal provides useful advice on a range of topics, from how to deal with different national taxations to hiring staff abroad to participating in public procurement calls. Together with the Europe Enterprise Network, it provides companies with tips and advices on how to do business abroad as well as with the contact details of the local agencies for business support.

We are very happy to announce that MobiliseSME was integrated in the portal with a dedicated page. Any company consulting YourEurope/Business can now receive the key information about the MobiliseSME project such as the time frame, funding scheme and conditions for participation.

Despite the fact that European companies can freely sell their goods and services anywhere in the EU without additional costs and fees, it is not always as easy as it sounds. Still today, companies face different obstacles when they want to start doing business abroad. MobiliseSME was developed with the objective, among others, to facilitate the access of SMEs to the Single Market, developing a new scheme to allow them to work together cross-border. It is a testament to the potential of this approach to see that the employee exchange scheme for SMEs is now presented together with all the other solutions the EU provides to help companies in this area.

If you also think this an innovative and exciting approach, register now on the MobiliseSME Matchmaking Platform, find a suitable partner and grow your business! But hurry up – Registrations are open only until June 2017!


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