Did You Know That Associations and Liberal Professions Can Participate in the MobiliseSME Project?

Friday, April 28th, 2017

Broader NetworkMobiliseSME exchange benefits companies by making the access to other EU markets easier. Through the Erasmus-like exchange programme, companies can easily develop international collaborations and receive tailored training for their employees. However did you know that he exchanges do not necessarily have to take place only between two companies, as MobiliseSME is also open to the broader network of associations and collaborators that support SMEs in their activities?

For example you may be in a NGO, find this a great opportunity to explore with a company in your network abroad, but are are hesitant whether you could do an exchange with them? Or, are you a tax consultant who is looking for deepening its knowledge in specific cross-border taxation issues but you disregarded the idea of doing an exchange as you are not a company with a legal entity? Good news! You are eligible to join the project under the following conditions:

  • Associations, foundations and NGOs provided they possess a legal entity and have a seat in one of the countries eligible to participate in the project (see the list in the Eligibility Criteria here).
  • The following liberal professions: lawyers, notaries, tax accountant, certified financial auditors, medical doctors, pharmacists, psychologists, architects, and engineers. Unlike companies, applicants working in the field of liberal professions do not need to possess a legal entity, however they must prove being registered in their national professional bodies and admitted to practice without restriction in one of the eligible countries.

Unfortunately, public institutions and universities cannot participate in the scheme. However, the latter may benefit the well-established and renowned ERASMUS program.

Do you also want to strengthen your relationship with your collaborators? Then register now and join a MobiliseSME employee exchange.


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