MobiliseSME Exchange Series: Lawyers on the Move between Germany and Spain

Friday, May 5th, 2017

Exchange Spain - GermanyThis article is part of a series dedicated to the exchanges of employees between SMEs via the MobiliseSME program. Today we’ll talk about an exchange that took place between a Spanish and German law firm specialised in Intellectual Property (IP) law.

Companies participate in the MobiliseSME project for different reasons. For example, some wish to acquire some specific knowledge, others seek an opportunity to enter a new market. For some, it is an opportunity to find a new business partner, so that they can grow their portfolio of services and ensure that they can provide their clients with products of the highest quality. This was the reason that motivated two law firms specialising in IP law to agree to partner up for an exchange.

The Spanish law firm Ballester IP agreed to host Ms Nicole Hasse of the German law firm BVK Patent Attorney at its office in Alicante. While the main goal was for Ms Hasse to deepen her knowledge of European and Spanish IP law, both law firms saw this as a great chance to start exploring the “potential economic cohesion among IP law firms in the European community”.

During a period of two weeks, Ms Hasse was deeply involved in the daily activities of Ballester IP, which helped her acquire considerable knowledge of Spanish Trademark, Patent and Copyright law. As her visit just ended on May 4th, we asked her how she felt about her visit and about the training received.

She found this a truly moving experience from both a personal and professional point of view. In her own words, she “has learned a lot” and she “will certainly be able to contribute a lot to BVK with her new knowledge”. She also did not miss to mention how appreciative she was of the great welcome that she received in the host company.

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