MobiliseSME Exchange Series: Developing new IT Technologies between Greece, Estonia and Germany

Friday, June 2nd, 2017

Mr Iuga with his colleagues during his last day at the RES Office.

Mr Deves, owner, in the centre with Mr Petritz, coming from CCVossel, at his left and Mr Tohver, from Nikitech, at his right


Jim Deves is an entrepreneur in the IT sector. His company in Greece,, helps clients all over Europe with their IT needs providing them with custom business applications, web and mobile apps. When Mr Deves heard about MobiliseSME from his professional contacts in Brussels, he thought this was a great opportunity to develop network and share knowledge with new European partners. registered on the MobiliseSME Matchmaking Platform and partnered up with a German company, CCVossel, and an Estonian company, Nikitech, both specialised in the development of IT solutions. Mr Deves had already collaborated with the latter on other projects and proposed their staff to do an exchange together while he was happy to find a new partner in the former via the platform.

During the first week of June, hosted both Jaan Tohver from the Estonian firm, an expert on mobile apps now in his second week of exchange, and Vincent Petritz from CCVossel, a software developer now in his first week of the exchange. They have all been working together combining their expertise to test and develop new IT technologies. They have also engaged in briefing session where they have exchanged knowledge about working methods and approaches, learning they could apply each other’s best practices to their own companies.

Mr Deves has said “This has been a very interesting and good experience,  both personally and on a business level. It was all about the exchange of experience and learning from each other. I could learn from how other Europeans work and also what business is like in other countries. Moreover we now have points of contact in other markets, like Estonia. It truly reflected the project’s slogan – Mobile People. Mobile Enterprises. Mobile Europe”.

Mr Tohver and Mr Petritz are also very enthusiastic with the latter stating “I really wish that all my colleagues could have such an experience, to get in touch with another working culture – so I hope that MobiliseSME will continue as a permanent program” while the Estonian programmer hoped that “the pilot project would continue into a permanent scheme”.

If you also want to participate in the program, register now on the MobiliseSME Matchmaking Platform!


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