MobiliseSME Exchange Series: An Innovative Approach to E-Learning between the Netherlands and Hungary

Friday, June 16th, 2017

Mrs Fáy  and Mr Bailey at  Aflatoun International’s Office

As part of our MobiliseSME Exchange Series, this week we have spoken with Mrs Réka Fáy, an expert in designing and operating digital platforms for e-learning originally working at Apertous Nonprofit, an Hungarian online space for the training of civil servants.

Réka Fáy is currently on a MobiliseSME employee exchange visiting Aflatoun International, an NGO specialised in providing social and financial education to children and young people worldwide. She works very closely with Mr Simon Bailey, Aflatoun’s Director of Partnerships and Innovation, who also joined us to let us know about this experience from the perspective of a host.

Réka discovered the potential of MobiliseSME through her contacts with PATOSZ, the Hungarian project partner. They helped her to find a partner that would suit her reasons to join in an exchange: to gain intentional experience and open new business opportunities. Her appetite for a new experience and her specialised skill set in providing e-learning made her very appealing to Aflatoun, who was looking exactly for a specialist in the sector. “As an NGO we are always looking for professional technical expertise” said Simon Bailey “the private sector has very well-trained people who have substantive experience they can bring to our work”.

Hence, when Mrs Fáy contacted them to let them know about the exchange program, they eagerly accepted her offer to visit their organisation for two weeks. “Réka fulfilled a very specific technical need that we had” remarked Simon referring to Aflatoun’s project of developing an e-learning programme, which she is currently working on while helping the NGO’s team to become more acquainted with the e-learning processes.

Réka is also enthusiastic about the exchange: “My purpose for this exchange was to see how much my expertise is valued in a foreign country and in a foreign framework. This goal was fully met as Aflatoun gave me a challenging task which is very fulfilling and an occasion to find how much I am really worth in a different professional context”.

The two organisations, already aware of each other’s existence, felt it was serendipitous to find in each other exactly what they were looking for at the time of doing an exchange. “Based on this experience, we are working out on some possible future partnerships” concluded the Hungarian digital specialist expressing her appreciation for the pilot scheme and her hope that it would continue as a permanent program.


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