MobiliseSME Exchange Series: Reinforcing Project Expertise between the UK and Hungary

Friday, July 7th, 2017

GranstiCon - Ideaas Exchange

Mr Taylor and Mr Gödör at Ideeas Ltd.’s office in the UK

One way SMEs can stay competitive in the market is making sure that they stay up-to-date about new techniques and notions in their fields. Two companies specialising in designing and implementing public-funded projects saw the opportunity to exchange their best practices and to enhance their services in the field via a MobiliseSME exchange.

Ideeas Ltd. is a British company based in Scotland who hosted for two weeks Mr István Gödör, a senior manager and project developer from the Hungarian company GRANTiCON. Both companies had set multiple objectives for this exchange, chief among which was to explore together what public funding opportunities were available at European level in light of the most recent political developments. This research also entailed the sharing of best practises in identifying funding channels and case studies of project implementation in local communities, as well as exploring potential future collaborations between both firms.

During his visit, Mr Gödör worked closely with Mr Steve Taylor, Ideeas Ltd.’s Managing Director, to learn about the best ways to prepare project applications and do grants analysis. Mr Gödör could witness the actual implementation of environmental schemes in nearby communities as well as visit the Falkirk Wheel, a boat lift connecting two canals that has significantly improved boats circulation, making it more energy efficient with a boost to transportation and a significant reduction of the environmental impact. It also attracted tourists to the local town of Falkirk and boosted the local economy. This project was co-funded through EU funding programmes.

Mr Gödör describes his experience as “an investment in my professional development. I acquired specific knowledge and competences from the host, who has extensive expertise in funding for environmental, sustainability and low carbon projects”. And he concludes: “I hope MobiliseSME, or similar future schemes, will allow us to send an employee of GRANTiCON to further develop business relations with Ideaas Ltd.”


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