MobiliseSME Exchange Series: Innovative Water Technologies Between France and Portugal

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

SolsMesure Pics

Mr Génatio, on the right behind the laptop, with the colleagues of HIDROSOPH at their office.

Through a MobiliseSME exchange, companies can find new partners across Europe. They might even find an enterprise which is not just a new supplier or retailer, but possibly even a collaborator in developing new technologies and brining innovative products to the market.

This is what happened through the exchange between the French company Sols Mesures, specialised in providing industrial sensors for the geotechnical and agronomical sectors, and HIDROSOPH, a Portuguese company that develops software for industrial water equipment.

The exchange set the basis for further collaboration as the two companies are now exploring how their respective products – hardware technologies for the French and softwares for the Portuguese – could work together.

We spoke with Mr. Didier Génatio of Sols Mesures, who spent two weeks in Portugal, so he could tell us more about his experience and what led to the new partnership.

Dear Didier, thank you for joining us. Tell us, how did you come to know about MobiliseSME?

DG: We were informed about MobiliseSME from a business contact of ours, Isabelle Trouillet (ndr: a representative of the project’s French partner AFDEE). She told us about the new possibility to do short exchanges with other companies in Europe and that sounded very appealing to us.

And how did you find your exchange’s partner?

DG: We already knew about HIDROSOPH, whom we contacted as they were also interested in participating in the project. We felt they were an ideal partner for two reasons: on one hand, their software for water management could work together with our sensors for the agricultural sector, which is very water intensive, and, on other hand, their company’s philosophy is very much like ours. Our approach, which is the same as HIDROSOPH, is to help clients find a solution to their problem – we help them to analyse their needs before we provide them with a product.

What was your objective for the exchange? What did you want to get out of it?

DG: Both us at Sols Mesures and the staff at HIDROSOPH wanted to use this opportunity to explore the possibility for future collaborations and start to set the ground for them. We wanted to see how our products could be compatible but also confirm our compatibility as companies, which I am very happy to say is clearly there.

How do you feel Sols Mesure has benefitted from this experience?

DG: Well, our engineers are already working together with HIDROSOPH’s team on how to integrate some of our technologies. We are even thinking about developing new products with them. This would really give us a competitive edge on the agricultural equipment market here in France and, at the same time, open the door for HIDROSOPH to this very market, which they think could really be a unique opportunity.

Any final remarks? Any suggestion or wishes for the project?

DG: I really hope this project will continue. It would be great if the engineers of our partner in Portugal could come visit us in the future like I visited their offices, as that would really help us accelerate the process of technological integration. It would also be great if more options were available for the time allocations of visits, for example splitting the time abroad in different visits of 3-4 days each.


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