The Future of MobiliseSME

Monday, August 14th, 2017

The Future of MobiliseSMEMobiliseSME is coming to an end. And now?

Our pilot scheme for the cross-border exchange of SMEs employees has ended and the project will come to a close with the the final conference at the end of September.
Hundreds of companies had registered on our Matchmaking Platform and tens of exchanges have taken place. Participants gave overwhelmingly positive feedback and the exchanges were often the starting point for new collaborations between companies in  different countries.

MobiliseSME was just a pilot project for now… The question is what will happen with this experience in the future, for example with the new EU structural funds from 2021 and onwards.

About this we want to hear your thoughts!

Do you feel the project should continue in some form? Do you think it benefited companies and employees alike? You participated and want to let us know about it?

You can do so by answering very few questions – tell us about your ideas for the Future of MobiliseSME!

And don’t forget to leave us a comment!



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