MobiliseSME Exchange Series: A New Online Service from Denmark to Italy

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

Econoetica Exchange

Mr Balestra with the director of Voiceboxer at the office of the Danish company


Many companies participated in a MobiliseSME exchange. Some decided to do so to explore new markets, others saw it as a chance to have their staff acquire new knowledge and skills. For a few of them,  it was the perfect program for their business needs. This was the case for the Italian company Econoetica, specialising in Wi-Fi technologies and online services. They thought MobiliseSME was a unique opportunity to solidify their nascent business relationship with the Danish company Voiceboxer, which provides online instantaneous interpretation in different languages and was looking for business partners to expand in the Italian market.

We met with Antonio Balestra, the director of Econoetica who visited the offices of Voiceboxer for two weeks in June so he could tell us more about his experience and the way his company benefited from it.

Dear Antonio, thank you for joining us. Tell us, how did you come to know about MobiliseSME?

AB: I was told about the project by the managing director of European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME (the lead partner of the MobiliseSME project), who is an old business acquaintance of mine. We were discussing about my company’s new partnership with the Danish company Voiceboxer and he mentioned the project as a way to strengthen the relationship.

And how did you find your exchange partner?

AB: We had a partner for the exchange before even knowing about the project. We were starting to build a real business relationship since a year and the exchange scheme of MobiliseSME was perfect to meet for some time to know each other better and finalise the details of our agreement.

What was your objective for the exchange? What did you want to get out of it?

AB: The goal for both Econoetica and Voiceboxer was to define clearly our relationship about opening the Italian market to the Danish company and their product. Both companies are in the IT sector, and Voiceboxer specialise in remote instantaneous translation, which we believe holds good commercial opportunity. We already have some interested buyers in the academic world.

How do you feel Econoetica has benefited from this experience?

AB:  Undoubtedly it helped shorten the time to define the business relationship with our new partner. As we are quite far away from each other, it would have been harder to clarify everything but two weeks together in the same office helped us to set up our partnership properly and sort out all outstanding issues. It became a proper business partnership and we are now starting to capitalise on it by setting up the business plans for the Italian market. In fact the service is already available for purchase through Econoetica brand, NoodyWiFi, with the name

Any final remarks? Any suggestion or wishes for the project?

AB: It surely would be very interesting for the pilot scheme to continue in some form, as we would love to host a member of staff of Voiceboxer. Moreover, it would be great to be able to send somebody for a longer time, as different companies would need different time spans, even up to three months.

If you agree with Antonio on the future of a cross-border mobility scheme for SMEs, you can let us know through our page on the future of MobiliseSME. We look forward to reading your opinion!


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