Benefits of Mobility

MobiliseSME® is based on the idea that the international mobility of employees of MSMEs delivers unique benefits to the European economy, to the European society and to the companies and individual engaging in this activity.


Economic Benefits

Micro, Small and Medium-size Enterprises are the most common type of enterprises in the European Union. They represent 99% of all businesses in the EU. In the past five years, they have created around 85% of new jobs and provided two-thirds of the total private sector employment in the EU.
International mobility strengthens access to the European Single Market. Through this huge well of opportunities, MSMEs can strike new deals and consequently become more prosperous and able to grow in size, creating new revenues and jobs.
Through the growth of MSMEs, the most important type of companies in Europe, the economy of the continent would grow too.
Here a summary of the economic benefits of mobility:

  • Hosting an employee from a company in another country, or sending one to a company in another country, means to have a new contact that becomes a bridge between companies and an accessible expert on business opportunities in that country
  • A European Commission study in 2010 has shown that internationally active MSMEs report an employment growth of 7%, and 26% of internationally active MSMEs introduced products or services that were new for their sector in their country.


Social Benefits

Citizens who gain international experience through mobility schemes enrich their own perspectives and become catalysers of international collaboration

The ideas of a European Union of “unity in diversity” and of an “ever closer union” find their full expression in the experience of citizens who have directly tried and gained from the unique international experiences the European framework can offer. Citizens can live for themselves what such values mean in practice and how they apply to them.

International exchanges for individual citizens deliver real benefits for the broader society:

  • Having lived in another country, immersed in a foreign culture, allows anybody to come back to his or her country of origin with an enriched practical understanding of the world that can foster openness, recognition and debate.
  • Successful tools like the Erasmus Programme for university students or the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs have already shown that such a program fosters the formation of mutual understanding and respect.
  • People who have gone abroad learn to care for European cultures different from their own and learn what the European values and the connected opportunities mean in practice.


Individual Benefits

In an international world like the one we live in, anybody who has experience and understanding of working with different cultures and who speaks many languages has a clear professional added value for his or her employer. The international professional experience provides a real ground for potential promotions and other work-related awards.
MobiliseSME offers individual employees of MSMEs the chance to participate in an international exchange program within Europe. From this opportunity they can reap the benefits of acquiring a rare set of skills and knowledge that would make them very valuable for the company they work for:

  • Working for 1 or 2 months in a similar company in another European country to the one they usually work for, participating employees can experience different cultures and build cultural awareness, improve communication and language skill, build confidence, learn new working styles and build international networks.
  • Moreover, the willingness to participate in such a scheme will make evident to employers their employees’ sense of initiative and flexibility. Their bosses can come to recognize them as a valuable asset to expand the market reach of the company and forge new international allegiances.
  • Their newly acquired knowledge of services and products will make them unique experts: they could even have the chance to bring back from their time abroad some real innovative ideas and concepts for their workplace and for its marketable products and services.