New Pilot Scheme for International Exchanges for European MSMEs

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

We are happy to announce the MobiliseSME Matchmaking platform is now active! You can now join MobiliseSME pilot scheme for the cross border exchange of SMEs employees!

You can find the platform at the following address:

There, after a brief registration process, companies can take the first step to make the exchange of an employee with another SME abroad a reality! Small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe can now use it to  send one of their employees to work in another company abroad for a period between two weeks and two months or to host the employee of a foreign company for a similar time span.

Companies can post the profile of the type of employee they are intending to send or host and elaborate on their specific needs for joining in a match and the platform will provide them access to a searchable database of existing requests for matches. Moreover, the database will be displayed to each user according to the preferences they have already expressed when they have posted their requirements for a match. It will also be possible to register a match that has already been agreed upon outside the online platform to make sure that it can happen within the framework and the support provided by MobiliseSME.

Once two companies in different countries connect on the platform, they define the nature and time of the exchange, with a clear training or learning purpose, for either the participating employee or the staff of the hosting company.


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