MobiliseSME Is a Real Chance for SMEs to Reap the Benefits of Mobility

jeudi, janvier 12th, 2017

Benefits Mobility SMEAccording to the European Commission’s Annual Report on European SMEs of 2016, SMEs in Europe face some very clear issues: only half of the about 20 and half million small and medium-sized companies export in the Single Market , and the absolute of majority of those still have only very little export activities. Moreover firms also report difficulties in finding skilled staff for their sector that can help them grow. For example, a set of skills that is particularly searched for and not always found is linguistic skills as they bring a very specific benefit in looking for opportunities beyond the domestic market of the company.

MobiliseSME pilot scheme for the cross-border mobility of SMEs employees can be a very useful tool to help companies overcome some of this issue. The key element of the scheme, mobility,   opens doors to solutions to the problems described above:

  • By having an employee work abroad for a few weeks or hosting a employee from a foreign company, SMEs create new connection within other EU countries and open the space for business in the form of import or expert of services and goods. Companies that have learned to trust each other through the exchange can start not only doing business together but also create shared commercial projects that can help them both to reach new markets more quickly.
  • MobiliseSME is part of a lifelong learning initiative, which means that either the travelling employee or the staff of the hosting companies will learn something new in the process. As the two companies agree on the plan of the exchange, this learning experience can be used to fine-tune existing abilities or to apprehend new ones. Hence companies can use the scheme to gain access to the set of skills they require to grow and thrive.
  • Finally, the exchange will naturally lead to an improvement of the language skills of the travelling employee and most likely also of members of staff of the hosting company. This can be also used by the firms to improve their position in the market of other European countries.

If you too think that you could reap these benefits for your company by participating in the scheme, register now on the MobiliseSME Matchmaking Platform – – and propose a match with the companies that best match your needs.




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