MobiliseSME Provides a Unique Opportunity for Mobility to SMEs Employees

vendredi, janvier 20th, 2017

Benefits Mobility EmployeeSMEs can benefit hugely from a mobility program that allows their staff to get new contacts abroad as well as to develop their skills, but also the employees themselves can grow personally and professionally by having participated in a scheme that allowed them to live and work in a foreign country. In fact, an experience abroad like the one MobiliseSME offers can be a key moment of progress in the career of a participant while also opening his or her horizons to different cultures and lifestyles.

A participating employee will earn more added-value for his or her employer, as he or she could become the connecting bridge between the two SMEs that organised the exchange. Through the linguistic abilities refined by the experience and the deeper knowledge of both working environments, the person is a natural position to be the main agent through which the companies can develop a broader business operation. Such opportunity could open the door to  more responsibility. This possibility is even more likely in light of the training aspect of the program, as the participating employee will have learned from or thought to the staff of the hosting company.

Moreover travelling and living abroad has a recognised positive impact on the quality of life of citizens. Beyond the professional growth in terms of skills and international network, somebody who lives in a foreign country, even for a short period of time, becomes more accustomed to different perspectives and more predisposed to accept and learn from people with different points of view. This person would be more open to debates and able to discuss and different approaches and solutions: an open-mindedness that can improve the quality of life of anybody. .

If you too see a chance for personal and professional growth by participating in the MobiliseSME scheme, suggest to your company to register now on the MobiliseSME Matchmaking Platform – – and to propose a match with the companies that best match its needs.


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