MobiliseSME Exchange Series: A Peer-to-Peer Exchange in Accounting between France and Italy

lundi, octobre 16th, 2017

This is the last article of the MobiliseSME Exchange Series. This time the participants themselves  –  Giorgia Butturi from Mirandola in Italy and Séverine Cartot from Versailles in France, who hosted each other in a double exchange – present the key 7 take away points from what they called « A double exchange: the experience as chartered accountants and registered auditors ».

Butturi - Cartot

“Siamo orgogliosi ricostruttori di nuovi sogni” (EN: We are proud rebuilders of new dreams) A picture  of the reconstruction of Mirandola by Mr Fabio Vettori, following the earthquake in 2012. A topic about which Mrs Butturi and Mrs Cartot would like to raise the general attention.


After our experience with a MobiliseSME exchange, we think there are seven take away points can explain our experience:

  1. It is a double exchange: the concept of hosting company and visiting employee became a peer-to-peer exchange in both countries, with two practitioners visiting each other at their own practices in France and Italy.
  2. Creativity is an output of our exchange: there was no specific reason to participate to the project. We lived a new experience, we worked in a different environment and we understood the best practices applied in a different country. This approach really helped to open our minds and to focus on new ideas about the development of our profession.
  3. Widening our perspective: we understood that we could help our clients in their international relations by working together with foreign colleagues that share our vision.
  4. Building trust: the experience of “living a colleague’s professional life” underlined the similarities in our job and made us understand the differences. Trust is the basis of working together and it is even the basis of European Union. We think the Commission should promote this kind of project to empower the trust among EU member citizens.
  5. Creating a European Identity through practical experience: the project allowed us to compare our environment from both a professional and a cultural point of view. The common knowledge we built is a positive basis to forge a strong European identity.
  6. Understanding the differences about the national systems: we work on the application of laws but most of all we help entrepreneurs to make good decisions for their business. We strongly believe it is necessary to simplify the regulations of most countries to help the internationalization of small firms.
  7. Spreading knowledge about the project: as chartered accountants who have participated in the project, we can directly tell our clients how the project works and if it is suitable for their business



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