The Project Evaluation Report Shows MobiliseSME Is a Great Success

mardi, octobre 31st, 2017

Success FinalThe evaluation report for MobiliseSME is now out and it shows the real positive impact of the project. The idea of an exchange scheme for the employees of small and medium-sized companies in Europe was not only welcomed by entrepreneurs but the participants in the pilot scheme also confirmed it had a real positive impact on their businesses. The exchange scheme helped companies to achieve exactly what was expected: provide them with new competences and training for their staff, help them make the best of the Single Market by enabling them to do business in other EU Member States, and support them in the creation of new services and products.

The feedback of participants clearly shows the added value of this scheme: 91% of sending companies and 95% of the hosting companies were happy with the matched needs and competences of employees, 90% of companies stated that their cross-border business will develop thanks to the exchange and 75% said they will be able to introduce new products and services. The scheme was equally beneficial to their staff: more than 90% of visiting employees have confirmed acquiring new skills and competences as they had expected, a number that comes close to 100% for the staff of hosting companies. 81% of the travelling employees felt it contributed to their professional development, and believe that their acquired skills will benefit the company where they work as well as providing them with better career opportunities.

If you want to read more about the impact of the project, you can download the complete Project Evaluation Report here (English only).

You can also find a summary of the report  in the MobiliseSME in Practice brochure (English, Italian, German and French).

Finally you can also have a look at the MobiliseSME Fact Sheet (English only)

MobiliseSME showed that companies in Europe could truly benefit from a cross-border exchange scheme for their employees. Now it is time for a scale-up version of MobiliseSME to really put down the foundation to make it a more permanent programme – an Erasmus for SMEs and their employees in Europe. We will soon be able to tell you more about future developments, so stay tuned with us for coming news!


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